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Sleeping For Two?

Feeling fatigued, restless and frustrated? The inability to fall or stay asleep during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester is extremely common. So don’t worry, you're not alone!  Insomnia can be due to a combination of hormones and numerous conditions.  These conditions include frequent urination, heartburns, leg cramps, and pre-birth anxiety.  

Lack of sleep is inevitable while pregnant, but what you may not know is that you are actually getting more sleep than you think.  Often times you may find yourself feeling anxious, worrying about child birth, getting up every hour to pee or just plain tossing and turning, but just know that it's normal!  If anything, you’re already learning how to become a great mother by preparing for the road ahead.

If you feel like you really aren’t getting enough snooze time take a look at this list of daily remedies to help make your nights run a bit smoother from What to Expect!

The Real Way to Prep for Breastfeeding

Being a first time mom can be difficult, but breastfeeding doesn’t have to be.  Whether it’s your first child or your fifth, we know that breastfeeding can be a challenge.  That’s why we want to make sure that you are fully prepared! Check out this list of daily routines that are sure to make nursing your baby a walk in the park.  

Get the full list from here

Don’t Judge a Mommy by Her Meltdown

Having a mommy meltdown? No worries, everyone has gone through it!  Pregnancy hormones can really take a toll on your emotions and can sometimes make you turn into the ultimate drama queen.  Crying for hours because your hubby ate the last of your Ben & Jerry’s ice cream happens more often than not.

Here are some downright hilarious mommy meltdowns from The Mom Views that are sure to brighten up your day!

Having Problems Breastfeeding? We've Got the Answers!

It’s safe to say that most mothers should be breastfeeding exclusively, at the very least, for the first 6 months.  The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends for each mother to do so, as it is invaluable for the health of you and your baby.  Most mothers, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), start off breastfeeding but eventually stop after the six-month period.  Only about 14% of them continue to exclusively nurse their babies after that point. 

Why is this? Studies have found that new mothers tend to feel guilty when they can’t “produce enough milk” for their babies.  Most of it is just due to the impossible expectations society has set for the average nursing mother.

Here are 6 solutions to every mother’s common breastfeeding problems from Fit Pregnancy.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Working Out When Pregnant

During pregnancy, most women find themselves indulging in cravings (both healthy and unhealthy) and believing that it’s ok since they're eating for two.  Sometimes, that is the case but eating unhealthy shouldn't be a given; expecting mothers can find a healthy balance too!  Weight gain is completely natural, but more than 40 pounds can become a problem for some.  Women who gain more than the average amount of weight can actually have a harder time when delivering and may even develop gestational diabetes. 

To what can you do to balance this out?  Expecting mothers should consider making exercise a part of their daily routines. 

Take a look at this full list of do’s and don’ts for the active mommies-to-be!

Booby Smoothies for the Nursing Mother

For many mothers, milk supply can be a huge issue.  So for the moms out there who've tried everything their doctors have been suggesting, why not try this? We found a great selection of 11 lactation smoothies for breastfeeding mothers, sure to increase that milk supply!

These smoothies are protein packed, full of natural supplements AND delicious!

For the full scoop on these yummy treats visit Hiccups and Sunshine.


Top 10 Breastfeeding Duties for Dads

Breastfeeding can get lonely at times for nursing mothers.  Yes, you’re sharing this incredible bond with your child, but sometimes it feels as if everything baby related falls on your shoulders.  It seems to us that it is a little unfair that such an important part of parenting can’t be split 50/50.  So, we went through the trouble of finding the top 10 breastfeeding duties for dads to restore the balance to your parenting lifestyle. 

Most men find themselves feeling relieved and free while others find themselves feeling frustrated and helpless. However, almost all men find themselves to actually be clueless! They have no idea how to begin helping their partners through this crucial time, but have no fear; we’ve found the solution! 

Click here for the Top 10 Breastfeeding Duties for Dads from Mama Say What.

Power Food for a Nursing Mother

Multiple studies have shown that maintaining healthy nutrition is vital for breastfeeding mothers. Not only does it affect the quality of your milk, but it provides your baby with all the essential nutrients it needs. 

Even while maintaining a healthy diet and keeping in shape, postpartum fatigue can kick in at any moment, leaving mothers all out of energy. Pregnancy health examiner Jasmine Jafferali explains that the problem occurs when the body lacks sleep, and therefore craves foods that are high in sugar. 

In this article, Jafferali tells us which nutritional foods can actually restore that energy back into your bodies.

Click here for the full story from Examiner.

Is Weight Loss During Pregnancy Normal?

Many women who are pregnant find themselves worrying about staying fit and while that is extremely important, what about the mothers who find themselves losing weight instead? According to specialists, weight loss during a woman’s first trimester is actually not a bad thing; in fact it happens more often than you would think!

Traditionally most women can gain anywhere from 15 to 50 lbs during their pregnancies, but doctors have recently discovered that losing weight while you’re pregnant can actually provide certain health benefits to you and your baby. 

Check out the full article from Pregdiets here!

10 DIY “Mommy-to-be” Projects

Preparing for a baby can be extremely stressful, whether it’s your third child or your first.  Here are a few great “do it yourself” ideas to make things run a bit more smoothly. We found a great article that shows you just how to make the perfect homemade swaddle blanket, crib bumper, baby mobile and overall nursery organization tips.  If your due date is near and you still haven’t taken any maternity photos we’ve got an array of ideas for you to try out and show off that beautiful baby bump! 

Check out the article from Classy Clutter to get the details.