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Babymoon Destinations

Have you thought about unwinding before baby arrives? It can actually be quite healthy for your pre-labor mentality and for your relationship. Pregnancy can be stressful with all the planning and preparation, so experts suggest a few days to recharge and reconnect with your partner.

Fit Pregnancy says the top Babymoon destination is Lake Arrowood where moms-to-be can go for hikes, nature tours and do pre-natal yoga. The also have a heated alfresco pool and prenatal massage.

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How Soon Should You Have Baby Number 2?

You may want to wait to have baby number two. A new study from the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex found kids spaced further apart were more successful at reaching their education goals.

Why? Parents are able to devote more time and resources to each child during those key developmental years. When time is split, often one child gets more attention and, in the end, both lose quality time.

Experts suggest waiting until the older sibling is out of diapers, so they can be better helpers and role models for the younger sibling. 

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Benefits of Female Friends in the Delivery Room

New research shows that women who have a female pal keep them company in the delivery room have easier births and adjust better to motherhood than those who don't. 

Although labor isn’t always one of those "the more the merrier” moments, it may pay to ease up on your privacy policy. In a recent study of nearly 600 women in the journal Birth, those who had a female friend or relative serve as a doula in the delivery room reported shorter labors, were more likely to breastfeed, and had more mommy confidence six weeks later. 

Researchers also found that bringing a gal pal with you in the delivery room could help lower your risk of cesarean section and could possibly improve your newborn’s health. 

For more information, read the full article from Life 123.

Breastfeeding Benefits You Too

Much has been written about the various benefits of breastfeeding on babies.  You’ve heard time and time again that it’s easier on babies stomachs, that it’s better for their brains, and it boosts their immune system - but did you know that nursing your baby can also benefit you? 

Even after all these articles were and continue to be published, still only 16% of babies are exclusively breastfed by 6 months and only 40% of babies are still nursing after 3 months. What’s happening is that new mothers are overwhelmed by the demands of their newborn, the initial pain, and the difficulty they may have nursing.

Find out why breastfeeding is better for mothers too in this article from PJ Media.

Can Breastfeeding Help Prevent Disease?

Researchers found that people who had low birth weights and were breastfed for short periods of time were more likely to develop chronic inflammation linked to heart disease as adults.  According to these findings, there is a significant association in almost 7,000 people between birth weight or duration of breastfeeding, and higher levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) (an indicator of inflammation in blood samples of young adults). 

A similar study also found that breastfeeding had a similar or greater effect as medicines on reducing CRP levels in adults.  The results of this study suggest that ultimately, breastfeeding may reduce a major risk factor for heart disease well into adulthood.

For more on these findings, click here.

Timeline of a Breastfed Baby

Everything from the time your baby is born till the time they turn 2, we’ve got you covered on all things breastfeeding.  We know that all babies reach milestones on their own developmental timelines and a variety of factors influence the rate at which a baby individually grows.  These factors may include; genetics, form of delivery, gestation at delivery, medical issues, effectiveness of the placenta prior to delivery etc.

So while each baby’s timeline may be slightly different, there is a persistent demand from new mothers on what is to be considered the “norm,” especially when it comes to breastfeeding.  This article shows a timeline, detailing the journey of the average breastfed baby.

Take a look at the whole timeline here.


Booby Traps: Nursing Problems

Booby traps, as described by lactivists (lactation activists), are barriers that hinder a mother's ability to nurse successfully. They may include physical obstacles such as low milk supply or bad latch.  Booby traps also include social ones, like nursing in public. These obstacles can sometimes scare new mothers away and may force them to toss out their nursing bras and opt for a bottle. When breastfeeding doesn’t come easy, most moms automatically assume they’ve done something wrong. 

Doctors, lactivists, moms and more weighed in on some of the most common breastfeeding booby traps and how to overcome them in this article from

11 Important Baby Cues

Being a new parent can have its frustrating moments. At times you may feel absolutely clueless about your baby’s wants and needs.  Deciphering whether or not his soft whimpering means he’s hungry or needs a change of diaper can be tricky at first. You may find yourself wondering what each and every move actually mean, like when your baby grabs their ears or flail their arms.

According to psychologists Dr. Linda Acredolo, “Babies are born with the ability to express several emotions, including distress and contentment.” The parent-child bond is strengthened the more you are able to read their cues and respond quickly to their needs. 

Click here for expert advice on how to decode major baby cues from

Is a Prenatal Vitamin Necessary During Pregnancy?

We know that as a soon to be mother, you are trying your best to give your growing child the proper nutrients necessary through your own diet.  As a mother you read up on all the required vitamins, minerals and proteins while avoiding foods that could pose a potential threat to your child.

One such extra supplement you could take is a prenatal vitamin.  These vitamins are intended to add nutrients to meet the nutritional requirements for your baby.  Prenatal vitamins can be taken before, during and after your pregnancy and are extremely beneficial for your child.

For more information on whether or not prenatal vitamins are right for you, read this article from BoldSky.

On the Road with Your Little One

Spring season is the time for family road trips and travelling with your little one can be disastrous if you’re not prepared! Taking on the open road with your newborn can be such an amazing experience and can provide you with so many amazing photo ops!

Breastfeeding your baby on the road can be challenging, but if you’ve prepared enough there’s no problem you can’t solve.  Here are a few great tips from the mommy bloggers at The Stir.  Everything ranging from keeping a nursing schedule to booking the right hotel; we’ve got you covered!