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6 Quirky Facts You Might Not Know About Pregnancy

You probably have the pregnancy basics down. You know what to eat, you know what vitamins to take and you know what to avoid. But, we can guarantee you, there are some wacky facts you haven't yet heard.

For example, did you know the average length of a pregnancy is 280 days but there are cases of pregnancy lasting over a year?! Or, that a pair of twins can come from two seaprate fathers? Yes, it's true! It happened in 2009! 

Learn more quirky facts including what country has the highest incidence of twin births in the BuzzFeed Video made for Fit Pregnancy.

Study Links Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy to Higher ADHD Risk

Expecant mothers may want to think twice about using antidepressants during pregnancy. Although the study did not link antidepressant use to Autism, it did find an inceased risk for attention deifict hyperactivity disorder in mothers who take those medications.

The study out of Massachusetts General Hospital looked at medical records of mothers and their children who were patients in the Partners HealthCare System.

The study found an alarming 80 percent increased risk in ADHD when mothers took antidepressants. Researchers urge that this is just a preliminary study and the findings will need to be replicated in future studies.

For more information, read the full story from Boston Globe.

Smoking During Pregnancy Can Also Effect Grand Children

Smoking while pregant is bad for your kids AND your future generations. 

A new study says that smoking during pregnancy affects not only your children, but also your grandchildren- even if their mother is a non-smoker.

The CDC estimates that one in 10 women smoke during the last trimester of pregnancy. Women who smoke while pregnant are more likely to suffer miscarriages, low birth weight, premature birth, and have children with certain birth defects.

Want another reason to put that cigarette out? Last year, one study suggested that a woman's exposure to nicotine during pregnancy could increase her great-grandchild's chances of asthma. For more on the findings, read the full story from the Huffington Post.

Learn more about the effects of smoking while pregnant in this article from the Huffington Post.

Breastfeeding Vending Machines

The scenario: You're on a break at work, ready to pump and you realize you forgot a crucial piece of equipment. You can't run home. What can you do?

That's where the breastfeeding vending machine comes into play. Johns Hopkins Hospital installed one recently- it has pump accessories, storage bottles, breast pads and nipple cream, among other supplies for nursing mothers.

Other hospitals and workplaces have already expresses interest in installing a similar machine. Would you like this in your workplace or in major public places like airports? Sound off on our Facebook page or Tweet your opinion @LmzIntimates.

Read the full article at The Baltimore Sun.

5 New Rules About Employment Discrimination During (and After) Pregnancy

For the first time since 1983, the government has updated it's pregnancy discrimination guidelines. The goal is to help guide pregnancy-related policies in the workplace.

Now, there is no more forced time-off. Experts say it’s unfair for employers to force working women to take time off when their duties aren’t lagging.
In addition, women who are working post-pregnancy now have more flexibility to breastfeed. Employers must allow female employees to change their schedules or use sick leave for lactation-related needs.

To learn more about the changes in the pregnancy discrimination guidelines, read the full story from Fit Pregnancy.

The Top 16 Breastfeeding Controversies

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, we're revisiting the top breastfeeding controversies. From Mexico City's controversial breastfeeding campign to the Angelina Jolie breastfeeding statue, it seems these stories are always at the top of the newsfeed.

One of the first stories to grab headlines was in 1997 when Redbook magazine came out with a cover story that featured actor Pierce Brosnan and his girlfriend Keely Shaye Smith breastfeeding their infant son. 

Another huge controversy  came in 2011 with the doll the Breast Milk Baby. The doll came with a harness for the child and allowed the child to simulate breastfeeding using magnets. Many experts and parents were highly offended by this doll. 


For the full list of conroversies, read the full story from TIME Magazine.

5 Secrets to a Beautiful Belly Photo Shoot

Oh, you've drooled over the photos. Admit it. Those beautiful celebrity belly shots. Your friend's glowing belly album on Facebook. We all want the perfect photo shoot to show off when the time comes. 

So how can you guarantee that your shoot will be as perfect as you imagined? The most important thing is your size. Wait until your belly is big, but not too big. 

For more tips from background to clothing, read the full story from Parents Magazine.

The Truth About Prenatal Exercise

From pre-natal pilates to baby booty ballet, most women do exercise while they are pregnant. But, there are still a lot of fears. How much exercise is too much? Can I work my core? Is cardio okay? What about running?

There are also a lot of myths out there like, if you didn't exercise prior to pregnancy, you can't start during pregnancy. And, that exercise during pregnancy can cause joint injury. 

In reality, a pregnant woman's exercise program should be tailored to her body and her limits. And, of course, as you get further into your pregnancy those limits may change.

To hear what the experts have to say about it and learn what's myth and what's fact, read the full story from Fit Pregnancy.

Travel Mamas Packing List for Babies and Toddlers

Traveling with a baby or toddler this summer? It can be stressful! What to pack? How much of THAT do I need? Can I get away with leaving this at home?

If you're flying, it can be even more complicated. Some people will tell you to pack light; these people do not have young children! You may have a lot to lug with you, but you'll thank us at 30,000 miles in the air! Depending on your child's age and needs, the list can vary.

Parenting Magazine has compiled a great list of what you will need for summer travel depending on your child's age and the type of destination.

The Parenting Advice You Haven't Heard Yet

Researchers found that bonding with your baby through movement has long-term benefits in terms of kindness.

50% of babies who were bounced in-sync with the person holding them picked up a dropped marker and returned it. Only 30% of those who were bounced out of sync with the person holding them returned it. In-sync babies also reached for the dropped marker more quickly than their counterparts.

So what does this mean? Researchers say skip the baby swings and bouncers every so often and actually hold and move with your child.

For more information on this study, read the full story from Fit Pregnancy.