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8 Superfoods for Breastfeeding Moms

Did you know that, regardless of what you eat, your baby will get all of the nutrients he needs to grow from your breastmilk? 

Still, experts recommend you eat healthy while breastfeeding because it will help your milk supply, replenish your energy, and help you lose the baby weight.  There is also evidence that the variety of flavors your baby is exposed to can help make her a healthy eater too. 

The most healthy item that you can ingest during pregnancy is actually water.  Hydration is critical for your milk supply and, without enough, you’ll be dehydrated and low on energy. 

The second healthiest item you can ingest is salmon.  Why?  Vitamins!  Salmon is an excellent source of protein, and it's rich in B12 and omega-3 fatty acids.  Researchers believe these nutrients may prevent postpartum depression. 

For the full list of items you should eat while breastfeeding, check out the article from Fox News.